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Michelle (thebakeescape) is a full-time scientist and molecular/developmental biologist, originally from the UK but currently working and residing in potentially the foodie hub of the world, San Francisco. This should hopefully become the perfect place to continue pursuing the other, off-duty passion: amateur food-experimentation. It all gets packed into one day thanks to something approaching sleep depravation. When invariably asked why the love of cookery, the answer normally amounts to the fact that cookery tends to work, and taste nice, and sometimes even look nice, whilst scientific experiments often…do not. Baking therefore provides a rather soothing escape from reality.


The result of this law of nature is The Bake Escape: an organic documentation of some of the foody experiments and creations that go on after the test tubes have been gratefully put away.

Because – another law of nature – even a cake gone somewhat awry tastes pretty tasty.


Questions/comments? (Aside from why this spiel is entirely third person). Email away by clicking here.

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